About Us

The GW Chronicle of the Yawp is the official student-run newspaper serving the George Washington University Online High School. The GW Chronicle publishes monthly issues during the academic year. The editorial board and journalists deliver profound columns, excellent writing, controversial yet useful information, and global reporting. The GW Chronicle stands by professionalism, adherence to high-quality reporting, and corresponds with the mission statement of the George Washington University Online High School.

The GW Chronicle is run by GWUOHS student editors. GWUOHS editorial and journalistic board encompasses diverse professional interests, including but not limited to journalism, reporting, writing, editing, coding, law, video production, art, medicine, and business.

Board of Directors

The GW Chronicle is supervised by a board of directors. The directors include the editors in chief, eight GWUOHS student staff journalists, one social director, and a newspaper advisor. 

Current members of the board of directors include:

  • Mrs. Wyatt, The GW Chronicle Advisor
  • Mr. Mistretta, The GW Chronicle Advisor

Contact Us

Email the GW Chronicle at gwchronicle@gmail.com with general inquiries regarding the GW Chronicle. 

Editorial hours are after 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. 

Business’ hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Our Mission

It is the mission and intention of The GW Chronicle and its staff to provide students and families of George Washington University Online High School a culminating and dynamic representation of the faculty and student body of the school. The GW Chronicle will present and embody the very culture of GWUOHS and those of this academic family.

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